es Iwwermariyeland

Deitsch word of the day: Iwwermariyeland

Components: Iwwermariye ("day after tomorrow") + Land ("land")
Grammatical gender: neuter (es Iwwermariyeland)

Positive (and most common) meaning: Literally, "day after tomorrow land." Figuratively, "Tomorrowland," wherein dreams come true or "Utopia," wherein humanity lives in peace and everyone's needs or met.

Negative meaning: "Lalaland," wherein someone is spaced out or "Twilight Zone," wherein things do not make sense or someone is stuck between reality and fantasy. 

Contextual use:

go into: gehe in Iwwermariyeland
(located) in: im Iwwermariyeland
from: vum Iwwermariyeland
to: zum Iwwermariyeland
yearning for: Sehnsucht nooch 'em Iwwermariyleand

es Iwwermariyeland
(Granted, my own concept would look more like Pennsylvania in the late Spring)
(Image credit: Liberty.eu)

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