Die Mechdich Lechaa

All hail the Mighty Lehigh!
Lehigh at low tide, Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, PA
Great western river of Lenapehoking!
At low tide even does your spirit reach

From the rocks to the sky and beyond.

Great nourisher and benefactor
Your calm waters cede to rapids.
Your serene nature becomes fury.

Well known to us as die Lechaa,
You took us into your bosom.
You blessed the fields of the Deitsch,
And quenched our thirst for freedom.

The canal crews feared your swells,
Even while depending on you
For sustenance and livelihood.
Dumping soot and ash
Into your holy stream.
Yet you forgave us.

Your beauty never faded,
And You have regained power.
Oh, Mighty Lehigh!
Mechdichi Lechaa!
May we be worthy of your gifts.

                  - Robert L├╝sch Schreiwer, 2019

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