Old Deitsch Units of Measure

Occasionally, we come across old units of measure that are not commonly known anymore. These units appear most in Braucherei and Blanzeheilkunscht (herbalism) contexts, but they can also turn up in other segments of the Deitsch culture, too. Some, particularly Loth, Blech, and Zoll, still turn up as live units in some charms and recipes, though the content of each as a unit is not always consistent in different areas.

These units are complicated by very few stated conversions historically. The list is further complicated by similar names in obsolete German units of measurement, many of which range widely from one region to another. There are some references to the English equivalents of some of the Deitsch measurements. For example, one may find a description of the Fuus and Baufuus measurements in the Autumn 1969 issue of Pennsylvania Folklife.

An ongoing list of the old Deitsch measurement units appears on the Maaseenheide page of the Blanzeheilkunscht site.

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