Stolen "The Passing Scene" Books Recovered

This recovery is of some importance. 

The author of these books was my sixth grade teacher, George M. Meiser IX, who was a great influence on my life. He instilled in me a love for the history and wonders of Berks County, and some of the lore that has become part of Urglaawe is the result (wholly or partially) of things we discussed in class. I remember him leading a journey around the entire county to visit historic, sacred, and mythological sites. Throughout the course of the school year, each student had to construct a huge notebook consisting of things we learned.

These "The Passing Scene" books are valuable to the history of Berks and, in large part, of the Deitsch, too. The books can fetch up to $100 each on eBay, so the thieves were seemingly looking to sell them.

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  1. A Wyomissing graduate! I, alas, did not have Mr. Meiser in the 6th grade.

    Ich bin Pennsylvaanisch Deitsch am lanne, un Ich liewwe dei Blog.