One of the most important aspects of the Deitsch awareness movements is the increasing use of the Deitsch language in varied contexts.

While there are Deitsch dictionaries, none of them has yet to capture every word that is in current use in the Deitsch language. One category that seems to be particularly lacking in most of the dictionaries is that of plant names. 

There are many old (and not so old!) books that contain the names of plants. These books are accessed along with the authors' memories and use of language among fellow herbalists on the Blanzeheilkunscht website. 

Blanzeheilkunscht translates roughly to the "art of plant healing," or "plant therapeutics." This is a website devoted to Deitsch herbalism. Several of the pages on the website list Deitsch, English, and taxonomic names for plants, ailments, microbes, constituencies, and even some old Deitsch units of measure. Many of these terms appear in no dictionary but are as much in current use within the herbalism context as many of the common food terms are in the kitchen.

The Blanzeheilkunscht site is only one of many that aims to advance the Deitsch language, culture, and mindset by providing insight into the modes of living of the past and the present. I hope that the readers find the information to be of interest.

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